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"MOJITO" our diving boat

“MOJITO” is an Italian Made CAPELLI 750 R.I.B. (rigid inflatable boat) powered by a Yamaha 250 HP 4 strokes engine + an auxiliary Suzuki 15 HP 2 strokes engine. With good sea condition we normally cruise at 45 nautical miles per hour or 83 KM/H.

R.I.B. boats are very fast, stable, safe and reliable, they are in fact used by military special forces and rescue units all over the world for  their agility and safety.


  •  As we normally cruise at 45 nautical miles per hour or 83 KM/H, we can reach the best diving destination around Phuket within 25 to 45 minutes,  long before the other diving operators gets there,  allowing you to have the dive site only for yourself.
  • As we limit our dive trips to a maximum of 3 divers + diving instructor and guide, our diving tours are very private and flexible, for example in between dives we can go ashore on a deserted beach and have more decision freedom than on  bigger and crowded boats. A diving trip can consist in 3 dives,  leaving in the morning and returning early afternoon or if you don’t have all day, we can limit it to just 2 dives and be back for before lunch.


  • There is no toilet on the boat
  • There is no restaurant on the boat
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